Show them you care. Say It With a Bear®

What is a Bear-Gram® gift?

We really love our teddy bears and stuffed animals. So when yours leaves our factory, we want to make sure it has some fun along the way and arrives at its new home ready to deliver lots of Bear hugs and smiles to your special recipient. That's why every Vermont Teddy Bear is delivered as a Bear-Gram gift. SAY IT WITH A BEAR® covers services for delivering stuffed teddy bears and animals.

Every Bear-Gram® gift includes:

  • The handcrafted, fully jointed Vermont Teddy Bear or cuddly stuffed animal you've chosen for your lucky recipient (or for yourself, after all you deserve a Bear hug, too!).
  • A fun gift box so your new friend doesn't get bored on its journey. And of course, the box also has an air hole to ensure your they gets lots of fresh air. Oversized Hunka Love Bears and giant Stuffed Animals come in their own Hunka-sized box.

Make your gift even more special with personalized bear paws! Add a name, date or any message (2 lines, 12 characters each) on most Bears. Please allow two extra days for shipping.

About our Bears:

  • Our Classic Bears are handmade right here in Vermont, from the first sketch to the final stitch. No two are exactly alike. A special note about our oversized Hunka Love Bears and floppy Stuffed Animals: Designed in Vermont, these Bears and Stuffed Animals began their lives overseas and then traveled back to our factory where they were lovingly stuffed and finished right here in VT, USA. Our Buddy Collection is 100% made overseas by our trusted partners and to our premium Vermont Teddy Bear quality standards.
  • Most Classic Bears are available in your choice of four standard fur colors. And you can also get some of our Bears in specialty fur colors, like our Pastel Furs, and Premium Furs. (Due to their extra special nature, there is an additional $10 charge for our Premium Furs.)
  • Classic Vermont Teddy Bears are big. They're at least 15" tall, which is about the distance from your elbow to your fingertips. Our other stuffed animals range in size from 13” tall to a whopping 6’ tall!
  • Our Classic Bears are fully-jointed, which means their arms, legs, and head all turn 360 degrees. And they have soft, ultra faux suede paw pads. This of course all means that they give the BEST hugs.
  • And our Bears and Stuffed Animals are also hypoallergenic. They're even washable, so don't be afraid to give them a bath once in a while. Just put them in a pillowcase and let 'em ride around in your washing machine (on the GENTLE cycle). But, PLEASE don't put them in the dryer. They're Vermonters and can't stand the heat.

Lifetime Guarantee on Every Bear

Every Vermont Teddy Bear is 100% unconditionally guaranteed for life. That means that if anything ever happens to your Bear (even if the family dog decides to make it his favorite toy), you can send it to us here at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory and we will nurse him or her back to health in our Bear Hospital at no charge. Talk about a great healthcare plan! In the very sad event that your Bear is too badly injured and has no hope for a complete recovery, we will replace your Bear or Stuffed Animal with a new one for free.