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Notchlok Bears by Sandy Czaja

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Percy is made from hand-dyed Mohair.  He wears his crown proudly!
Bear Name: King Percy
Price: 0.00


I have been designing, making and selling my teddy bears since 1994.
It started out as an artistic outlet for me. I have an art background but had worked as the office manager in a dental office
for 16 years and was "burning out". At first my teddies were for my own 3 boys, then for gals in my office and then I finally took the plunge and put several in an antique shop in our town in Williamsville NY (just outside of Buffalo). After that there was a show in the area and I sold one bear. It was sooooo satisfying!!!
My husband was so supportive and we drove to Connecticut and Williamsburg Virginia for the next shows. It was a little vacation for us and a wonderful way to meet new people. Bear collectors are really fun......

That is it! Over time my bears have changed and changed again.
While working on a new design my head is already designing the next
bear. I love working in mohair and alpaca but my real love is Mink
or other furs that have come to me from coats that people no longer
wear. My most exciting bear was made from a coyote coat. The
expression on its face was something I never envisoned as I was
making the bear, and it was charming! Each fur is different and
full of surprises.......no two are alike and that is the fun of it!

We moved to Arizona 11 years ago. We wanted to be closer to our grown children. We are so glad we did. We love the West! My bear
designs have changed yet again. I'm hoping to create a really
different kind of bear.......the idea is not fully developed
yet..........still brewing!

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