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Zucker Bears by Barbara Sixby


Teddy-Bears.Org Note:
A Teddy-Bears.Org favorite! These are fantastic bears with an established reputation and impecable craftsmanship.

Zucker Bears often auction pieces at the Disney Doll and Teddy Bear convention and fetch high prices.

Below information for Teddy Bear and Freinds Jan/Feb 2000 issue by Joan Green

The first time I ever saw Barbara Sixby, she was a teenager sitting behind a table at a doll show. I thought she was there to keep someone company. Although her table was full of dolls, I was stopped by a small bear. He was made of thin acrylic fabric and wore a tattered-looking, faded red sweater. When I inquired, Barbara told me that he was her creation. I still have that little old fellow, and when I compare him to her more recent bears, it's obvious they are kinfolk. Something about the shape of the head said "Zucker Bear" from the beginning. "I started making bears in 1982 and was one of the youngest bear makers at the time. I thought of myself as a teddy bear maker and it has taken me years to consider myself an artist. At first it was just something that I wanted to try, but it has ended up turning into a life-long passion. "In the beginning there were no bear shows, so I would sell my work at doll shows. My aunt usually had a table at the local doll shows, so she would ask me to join her. One of the first stores to carry my bears was Ready Teddy in San Francisco, who was selling bears to a man named Ted Menten. Seems Ted was working on a book. Ted highlighted and encouraged my efforts in a way that began our life-long friendship. "I consider the bear that I named Captain 56 to be the highest point in my career. I designed this bear to honor the memory of my cousin, Michael Lane. He was a Captain for the Shasta, California, Fire Department. I wanted something good to come from his tragic death, so I made Captain 56 to memorialize Michael. The bear was limited to 56 pieces. After it was featured on the cover of Teddy Bear and Friends magazine, the edition sold out in one week. I donated all the proceeds to the volunteer department that my cousin had served. I was proud and honored to present them with a check for $12,000. It was something I could do for Michael. "There are no rules when you are designing and being original, so I have tried everything from penguins and ponies to dragons and dogs. My designs have varied over the years, and I like to constantly try new approaches to my artistry. Currently, I am doing a lot of open-mouth bears with little tongues and smiles. I am also enjoying working with airbrush techniques. I like to say that none of my bears are twins, but if you look you can tell that they are related.

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