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The Bear Necessities by Marlen Roberts


Hello! My name is Marlen Roberts and I live in Northern British Columbia. My passion is transforming unworn fur coats into a memory keepsake, yours to treasure forever!

In the winter of 1996, to chase away the winter doldrums, I took a workshop course on how to make a teddy bear. Sewing was already one of my pastimes, making clothing for my children, and grandchildren, but when it came to making a teddy bear....I got hooked!

Since making that first sythetic fur bear, I have never looked back! I started looking at the vast option of fabrics available, and then it dawned on me that a large array of fabrics lived right in people's closets......those old, unworn fur coats! After all, here in the North country, so many of us have an old fur coat, some that we haven't worn in years, or that were given to us by a mom, grandmother, or aunt. What better fabric to use! The bear looks so realistic with real fur!

So, if you have such a hidden treasure, and would like to transform it into a conversation piece, please email me! I can make a 12 to 14 inch bear out of your stole, or a 24 inch bear out of jackets or coats. The cost will be $140 US. The bear will be fully jointed with safety-type nose and eyes that are safe for children. If this bear will be handled by a child, I do not recommend mink, muskrat, or rabbit. Only mouton and Hudson's Bay seal do not "shed" after cutting. The other furs do shed, just by handling them, so they are best used for "display bears" only. Of course, synthetic furs are great, as they don't shed at all and make sturdy bears for children to handle.

I use polyester fill for stuffing, and sometimes I weight the seat area with barley, or dried peas so that the bear sits well. I can also add extras, such as growlers (they sound like baby cub bears), and music boxes that play well-known songs. Do you want a theme bear, perhaps a sailor bear? Add the music box "Anchors Aweigh" and you are all set! You can choose the color of the eyes to suit you - blue, green, brown, amber....to your taste!

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