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Simply Victoria Bruin Beings by Victoria J. Dickin


Highly recognized, award winning artist, worth pawing through the site.

Each bruin that I birth is a One Of A Kind. I have always thought of them as individuals, each with their own countenance and persona and each reflecting a piece of my soul and so I call them my "Bruin Beings" and "Old Souls." I love costuming with vintage attire and vintage accessories. I fondly remember my daughter and her best friend playing dress up when they were young, and the memories are so precious. My bears do love to play dress up, or is it that I love to dress them up, surely both! My real true love does belong to my "Old Souls," A reflection of Love "Bruin Beings." I've always been told that I have an old soul and for me there is an endearing quality to those things that have a well loved appearance. I am fond of antiques and my personal collection is vintage bears.

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