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Seamore Collectibles by Penney Ahmed


Approximately six years ago, just by chance, I went into Joann's craft store and picked up a Teddy Bear Magazine. My Husband challenged me into making one and it just escalated from there. Little did he know he had created a Teddy Bear "monster!"

I believe I have made a wide move into creating one-of-a-kind bear bears, I originally started painting on glassware which involved bright beautiful colors such as flowers. Painting on glassware isn't easy but it's an extremely long process from designing, painting, curing and glossing.

I was very encouraged to continue my journey of exploring new avenues. So the next obvious choice was to try with the bears. My bears were originally given as personal gifts.

I certainly miss the painting but there are many times over the last year that I have picked up my paintbrush and incorporated into my bear designs. A new idea brought to light was to design my own ACEO cards, which I now like to draw and paint. So now each bear comes with his/her own card when they arrive at their new home.

I prefer to utilize vintage plush and soft cashmere but I do venture into mohair occasionally. I have been blessed with features here in the US and UK magazines.

Because I tend to specialize in one-of-a kind bears, I prefer not to use the same pattern as I get easily bored. (And that's another project just in it self to organize the patterns). I believe in pushing my creativity to the fullest. I create the bear and pattern in my head and apply it as I go along.

My latest project was to stretch my comfort zone into making a realistic polar bear. His name is Yumee, which means Peace.

My very first bear I created was called "half bear", and she's so amusingly funny because she has one of her legs sown on backwards. Now that I can reflect back on some of my mistakes I can realize how much I have grown as an Artist. I have met some wonderful bear friends and bear artists along the way. Who knows what I have conjuring up in my head? Only time will tell, as long as they are heartfelt and appreciated and bring smiles to your faces. My mission is accomplished and will help brighten up your day.

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