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Oksana's Toys Teddy Studio by Oksana Skliaren


Oksana Skljiarenko is author creative practical-book for children "Ukrainian doll" (2007), "Ukrainian dress for doll" (2007), "The Bears and bear cub" .

She start create Teddy from Desember 2006. She educated Pedagogical University, Ukraine (1992-1997), School of clothes designig, Ukraine (1993-1995), Ukrainian Academy public administration office of the Prezident of Ukraine, magister art of public administration (1999-2001), master-class Anna Koetse, The Nitherlands (2008), Haike Boem, Germany (2008). She resourch thema of Ph.D. thesis "The designing toys in system of children leisure". From 2008 Professional Member of Teddy artist (USA).

>From 1997-1999 artist worked in school for disabeld children and created system of impruving motive skills by way of sweing simple toys and textile doll. From 2006 She is trainer of Ukrainian traditional doll. From 2008 She is trainer of Teddy texnology (Kyiv). In 2007 year dollmaster present masterclass "Ukrainian folk doll" in Remini (Italy) and planing give anological masterclass in different countries. Now she combined carier and bear-making. The Artist create bear dressed in Ukrainian tradirional costume.
Awording official document for prominent personal addition to propaganda on Ukrainian national cultural wealth (Kyiv, 2007). The Best art-book of 2008 year "Ukrainian dress for doll"- National Ukrainian competition at 18 August 2008.In category "Dressed bear " teddy Gandzya take silver medal on Worls competition (Taiwan).
Oksana is partisipant charity activity (masterclass for children, books and toys). She cooperates with Fund Santa Maria (Kiyv), who help orphan.

At May 2008 Oksana Skliarenko organized The First Ukrainian Teddy Studio in Kyiv.
The Artist is a member of the international jury of the First international contest “Golden Potap” in Moscow. She is Vip-partisipant Swiss Teddy Festival at 18 August 2008.
Creating positive Ukraine image is main goal Oksana's art. She propose Teddy dressed in vishivanka. Vishivanka is traditional ukrainian emroidering clothes

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