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Miniature Vintage Mink Teddy Bears by Kathy Myers


I have been a teddy bear artist since 1988...that's over 20 years! I have my degree in art so originally it was fun to teach myself how to "soft sculpt" fur into teddy bears. Since there were few books or classes on teddy bear making when I first started, it was only through a lot of persistence that I was able to find my own "style"... through trial and error and dozens of not-so-pretty first bears. But it was worth the effort! I have created over 3400 bears and still counting. My bears live all over the world. In the early 2000s I started to offer my teddies by auction on ebay and was surprised and delighted to have some auction as high as $2000! My ebay ID was "minkbears" but I have not offered an auction is several years. Currently I sell directly from my website/blog:

I have been fortunate to have been recognized by Teddy Bear Review magazine with a Golden Teddy Award early in my career and another nomination a couple of years later. My bears have been featured numerous times in Teddy Bear Review, Teddy Bear and Friends, and Teddy Today magazines. My bears have also been featured in 3 books.

I design and make all of my bears entirely by myself by hand. For several years I had a long waiting list for my bears (up to 3 years at one point). I am fortunate that my collectors are very patient! I feel like I have been blessed because my success was due primarily by word-of-mouth...which meant that my collectors were always happy with the bears that I created for them and they they shared their pleasure with their friends.

Please visit my website to see more of my bears. You can also find me on social sites, such as facebook. On some craft sites, such as etsy and artfire. And on as many teddy bear sites as I can join. Such as: Bear Pile, Bear Artists Online, Who is Who in bear making, and The Guild of Master Bearcrafters. To contact me by email: designedbykm@ca.rr.com

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