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Melissa Jayne Bears


Teddy bears are an important part of the childhood of most people, and anybody who has owned and treasured a bear as a child will never be able to forget it, and if that special bear is no longer around in their adult life, it will leave happy memories with them and there will always be a place for it in their heart.

There is nothing else quite like loving and owning a teddy bear and no-one can quite explain why they do. That’s why today, teddy bears continue to be cherished by children and collected by countless adults in many parts of the world.

My love of teddy bears began before I started school; I had a pretend ‘Teddy Hospital’ with my Nanna, where she would repair old worn teds (bought from jumble sales and charity shops) sewing up any holes, replacing their ears, eyes and so on. I remember watching her in amazement and wondered how she could magically transform them to look as good as new.

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