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Linden Tree Teddies by Lisa Palazola

38 Linden Road
Peabody,MA 01960

I have always enjoyed crafting and sewed my first stuffed toy when I was about 8 years old. I stitched that little white bunny on a sewing machine that was a gift from my grandmother. My mom was so proud of me, that she brought the bunny into work to show her friends and came home with orders for several more! As I grew older, my creativity diverged into quilting, painting, stenciling, country decorating and floral arranging.
I began collecting teddy bears several years ago and now boast a collection of 200+. I attended my first artist bear show 7 years ago, thanks to a fellow teddy bear artist who kindly sent me tickets. After examining the creations that came in many different sizes, shapes and colors, I knew that there was no reason that I couldn't make bears! I bought a piece of mohair, some hardboard discs with cotter pins, and a pair of German glass eyes from a distributor that was at the show, and went home, excited to begin my new project. After scrutinizing a pattern I'd found in a teddy bear magazine, I decided it would be best to try it out on a piece of fabric that was a little less expensive than the mohair I had purchased. Kunin felt was the fabric I used for my first attempt and as you can see from the picture below, "Papou", which means grandfather in Greek, was born. When my family and friends saw him, they were mildly impressed, especially my mother, who claims that I get my creative talents from her!

So I tried out the pattern on some beautiful, long piled faux fur and the next teddy was born. He was the cub that inspired me to pursue this interest and hence Linden Tree Teddies was started.

I now design my own patterns and have sold many bears locally and on the Internet. I use the finest English and German mohair and joint my bears with hardboard discs and cotter pins.

As you can see from the "Previous Adoptions" page, several of my bears live in homes around the world!

I hope you enjoy my creations and hope they will put a smile on your face and give a little tug at your heartstrings!

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