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Kreageeth Teddy Bears by Ageeth Dorsman


After finishing school, Ageeth became a secretary and
then married and had three children. As she had given up
work, Ageeth started embroidering, knitting, quilting
and sewing once again, things that she liked since her
childhood. She also attended a tailoring course, which
improved her sewing techniques still further. When
Ageeth's youngest daughter was two years old, she made
a few rag dolls. Due to her interest in soft toys, she
visited a craft fair and saw some Teddy Bear kits. After
making two bears of a kit-pattern, she was not satisfied
and designed her own pattern by head, not willing to use
the kit-patterns. And from that moment on, never
stopped experimenting. To improve her bearmaking-
techniques, Ageeth attended Dennis Shaw's masterclass
and made a bear on all fours. She was excited by the
possibilities of the double neck-joint. All ,,KREAGEETH"-
TEDDYBEARS are now made according to this principle.
They are also easily recognisable by their appealing faces
and they are never dressed, as Ageeth considers a good
bear-design is at its best when it is not covered by
clothes. Since 1999 airbrush-techniques are applied, and
the latest designs are open-mouth designs and needle-sculpted mouths,ofcourse with a double neck-joint. ,,KREAGEETH"-TEDDYBEARS are mostly one-of-a-kind, with an odd very limited edition appearing every so often. A perfectionist in every sence of the word, Ageeth tries to make every new bear better than his or her predecessor. This can only be achieved by experimenting a lot. Due to this, and to the fact that every bear takes about 12 to 20 hours to complete, Ageeth can only make around 60 bears a year.Ageeth considers the fascinating thing about bear-making, that you are able to create something quite new out of an idea, a pattern and beautiful mohair. The most rewarding part to her, however, is to see people so happy and proud with her creations.

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