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JuneBears by June Vogel


JuneBears are animated soft-sculpture creations, hand-crafted by award-winning artist, June Vogel. The teddy bears and their friends are warm, happy personalities ready to love and be loved. Each bear host pictured below will introduce you to some friends. Just click on the pictures below. Or click the Bear button at the top of the page to start a more leisurely tour of all the teddy bears and their friends.


"Your bears look so happy!" observed a customer at a recent show. Juneís bears and other soft-sculptures are each unique, animated, and -- yes, happy -- characters who inspire wonder and warmth in those who meet them. She has been making bears since early in 1997 and from the start added creative touches that set her work apart.

Most of her bears are from mohair, alpaca, or fine synthetics and have hand-appliqued soft-sculpted paw pads. Some have open mouths and velvety tongues and hand-painted facial details. Many are dressed in vintage costumes using lots of old lace and many include hand-crafted accessories by husband Roy.

June lives in Yardley, PA, with her husband. Their workshops and display areas dominate the house. June and Roy are empty nesters, with a son and daughter in the San Francisco Bay area and a son in northwestern New Jersey.

Husband Roy started making bears almost 13 years before June did, using synthetics and commercial patterns. He had a lot of fun and became a big hit with nieces and nephews. Both June and Roy were collectors. June was interested in Royís bear making and was itching to experiment with designs. But Roy was having so much fun, she didnít want to compete. So she waited until he lost interest -- then bought her first quarter-yard of mohair. And she hasnít stopped since.

The special connection the bears make with those who meet them keep her inspired to create more and more. She hopes you will like them too.

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