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Hucklebeary Patch by JoAnne K Harnden


First of all, I'd like to thank my mom. Without her patient teaching and
encouragement I would not be making miniature teddy bears. She's the best
teacher a girl could ever have. "Thank you mom, I love you!"

My first teds made their debut on Ebay in late October 2001.
Since then, I have been going strong and loving every minute of it.
My family and surroundings inspire my creations and I love making
each and every bear but... I love sharing them with others even more.
After all, Nothing makes another smile like a Teddy Bear :)

Being a perfectionist, I pride myself on paying the closest attention to
the smallest of details when it comes to my cubs. Each cub is designed
and completely hand sewn by me and many long hours are spent on each
and every bruin from the initial design to the finished bear. I strive to bring
out each bears very own, unique personality, and each cub, leaves my
den, holding a small part of me :O)

My cubs primarily range in size from 1.5" to 6" BIG, on occasion, I do
make slightly larger bears measuring 8 and 12 inches! Nothing but the
finest quality Mohair or Vintage fabrics are used in the bears with each being
5-way jointed and stuffed with lots of tiny hugs, steel shot (100% lead free)
and polyfil. Their eyes are premium, hand blown glass and on occasion,
genuine black onyx beads are used. All of my bears have individual
looks and personality so no two are ever exactly the same and the embroider work on my
cubs is done freehand, without the use of a pattern so each cub, is unique in its
own way.

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