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Fairhaven Bears by Delores Wrathall


Hello Fellow
bear lovers! I'm
Delores Wrathall,
and I'd like to tell
you about my
background. I
began making
bears in 1997
following years
of general crafting
including soft-
sculptured dolls,
Santas, quilts,
and papier mâchét

Now I spend all my free time making mohair
animals, primarily bears. I design and
handcraft each bear myself.

"When the bear 'bug' bit me I knew I found my true calling!"

I I live in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee,
with my husband Edward and daughter Stephanie.
I do the accounting for our family real estate business. I
have held 3 craft fairs in a large barn owned by my neighbor,
and I inviteother local crafters to participate. The unique
location of being in an actual old barn attracts a lot of visitors
My bears can also be seen in shops. If you live in Wisconsin,
click here to see the names and address of the stores that
carry Fairhaven Bears.

One of our family's favorite weekend activity is taking long drives
around historical Wisconsin, the perfect place for finding country
antiques. I just love to go browsing around those shops! It's so
much fun discovering accessories for my bears. I hope you find
the bear you are looking for. All the bears who live at Fairhaven
are anxious to meet their new owners, and get settled in their
new homes. If you have any questions or comments you can email
me here.

As of June, 2000 I will have a permanant bear on display at
The Teddy Bear Museum in Naples, Florida. The bear there is
a replica of Thomas as seen on the gallery page. Thomas's twin
is the exception to the Fairhaven rule since he is the only duplicate
bear that I have made. He will remain on display there for all
visitors to see. The museum gives out my contact information for
anyone interested in purchasing a Fairhaven Bear.

This was a great honor for me to get a spot in the museum. I
have visited there and was overwhelmed by the site of all the great
bears and the gigantic displays.

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