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Cherry Bears by Yvonne A. Cherry


Hi, my name is Yvonne Cherry. I have been designing and creating special bears for many years. I started to make bears in the early 90's because my daughter Coleen collected them and of course I was the primary purchaser of her collection. Making them seemed a lot less expensive than buying them. Little did I know what would develop from doing this. In no time I was getting requests from family and friends for special bears. I started doing custom bears for best buddies and family and of course that led the way to Cherry Bears. It was inevitable.

I was born in Detroit and moved to the Pittsburgh area when I was a teenager. I married a great guy and raised three wonderful children. Teaching school, volunteering, and business administration were all a part of that other life. Now I have a new set of priorities -- making bears and enjoying the grandchildren.

My husband and I retired to Savannah, Georgia, in 1999. What a great life, making bears and smelling the flowers. My husband, Jerry, plays a lot of golf and of course helps me. (Yes that's Jerry Cherry. His parents had a great sense of humor.) Jerry helps with naming the newly created and making calendars on the computer with pictures and birthdays as well as designing a computerized system for ordering and inventory. He pays the bills and keeps me honest. In other words, he does all the hard stuff. We have met a lot of challenges together, doing this web page was just one of many.

Back to my favorite subject, BEARS. I use only the finest mohair and accessories when making a bear. The eyes are imported hand blown glass. I do all the designing and sewing and I give each bear a special personality. Most bears are one of a kind. I will often make a second or third with the same design and mohair, but they always seem to be a special individual. Because I do this in my spare time I have never done a limited edition of more than 10. When I see those limited editions of one hundred and two hundred I figure that is a very busy person if the claim is that they do it all themselves.

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