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Buckie Bears


Niki Sadler has been a full time Teddy Bear artist since 1995. During this time her bears have found homes in all parts of the world, with many stores and specialist shops now stocking her bears with their own special characters.

The introduction of the Buckie Bears web site in December of 1997 presented an opportunity to promote Buckie Bears in a new and exciting way. Indeed, Niki was one of the first teddy bear artists to have a professionally designed web site, and since then Buckie Bears has always strived to keep our web site on the cutting edge of the latest technologies.

Following on from this Niki and the bears have travelled extensivley developing new markets and making many new friends. This travelling and the addition of a secure trade area for customers to surf, has led to a steady increase in the number of stockists throughout the World. Now wherever you find a thriving teddy bear community in the world, you can be assured that a stockist of Buckie Bears is not far away!

Due to our location in Scotland and the downturn in the popularity of many teddy bear fairs in the UK, in the most part Niki and Steve have continued to develop the business on the web and we are currently developing a full colour mail order brochure to help many more Buckie Bears find a new home!

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