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Beary Treasures' Bears by Lori Hogan


My love for teddy bears stems from my child hood. I have always had a passion for teddy bears. While observing a beary special friend (Star Christenson from British Columbia) making one in 1994, I decided to try making one myself. In the struggle with a number of patterns and my desire to know how to design my own, it didn't take long to know I was addicted. It wasn't until I went to the first Teddy Bears on Vacation Show in, 2000, in Halifax that I discovered the world of artist bears. Signing up for a design course taught by Janice Rogers of Windsor Bears and Bears Of The Glen, I designed my first pattern. Then I new my addiction had grown even more. I now have six different patterns and new ones are always popping up. Thus began Beary Teasures' Bears. Although I would like to make designing bears a full time job, I have other obligations that I have to make time for, my real job. I am a Long Haul Truck Driver, I drive team with my wonderful Spouse Jeff Calnan. If I'm not driving or sleeping, then I'm making teddy bears.

Beary Treasures' Bears offers high quality collectible teddy bears. Each teddy bear is an original design by Beary Treasures' Bears artist Lori Hogan. The teddy bears are hand stitched and made from Alpaca, German and English Mohair or recycled real fur coats. Each teddy bear is fully jointed and stuffed with a mixture of polyester fiber fill and glass beads. Each teddy bear also features matching ultra suede paws, German glass eyes and an embroidered nose and mouth. Each teddy bear has its' own personality and yes like real bears, they have tails too.

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