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Bears by Joyce Reichard


Back in 1980 I started making crafts in order to stay at home and raise my two children. I worked with calicos to make dolls, wreaths, pillows and related sewn items. I also attended a few local craft shows.

Looking at a history of teddy bears in American Heritage in 1983, my husband found a pattern for a small teddy bear, and, with a gentle nudge from him, I began making teddy bears exclusively. As they say, the rest is history.

I now make over thirty (30) different bears from 4" to over 22" using both mohair and a variety of synthetic materials. I am committed to creating each bear personally -- including making the joint sets; cutting the body parts; sewing the body; attaching the eyes; and hand stitching the nose and mouth. While other bear artists have allowed others to perform some of these tasks, I insist upon hand crafting each bear myself before I attach the label "handmade by Joyce Reichard".

Today, I make several hundred bears each year and have sold bears in numerous states and foreign countries. My bears are found in selected specialty stores in Pennsylvania. In addition, I attend several teddy bear shows and craft shows in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I also sell bears out of my home in Milton, Pennsylvania. Much of my business is repeat business from customers who have become collectors of my bears and are eager to add my newest bears to their collection.

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