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Bears Unlimited Inc. by Judy Zuchetto


I am a Canadian Teddy Bear Artist.
My very creative daughter, Karen, got me hooked on making teddy bears!
I use to be a quilter!
In the past ten years I have had a complete life style change - the teddy bears have taken over! And I love it!
I have taken some excellent design workshops from John Renpenning and Ted Menton.
On October 17, 1996 I received my M.B.A. (Masters Degree in Bear Artistry) from Diane Gard's "Original" Master Bearmaking Class, and am continuing to take technique classes.

My teddy bears range from 4" to 30", and are handcrafted from mohair and fur coats. I enjoy creating teddy bears as each one has it's own unique personalities, every bear is so different!

Memory Bears These teddy bears are custom designed from customer's fur coats. It is my pleasure to share a little happiness with people through their family's heirloom coats.

I have promoted the love of Teddy Bear making by starting a group in our community called Bearly Theirs in Springbank; I teach bear making and support the ladies in their teddy bear making. We meet twice a month at my studio.
I also started a group, the Teddy Bear Connection for teddy bear artists in Calgary and surrounding areas; each artist brings tips and support to the group. We meet once a month at artist's homes and enjoy a Show and Share time and update on upcoming shows.
I am a member of the Chinook Arch Chapter of Good Bears of the World.

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