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Bears 'n Buds by Armella Dana


In a quiet little Southern California
Valley of wine grapes, racehorses,
and ostriches lives a mild-mannered
Physicist and his rather unusual
wife. Roger Dana, relaxing after a
long workday of equations and
graphs, reaches for a glass of wine
and watches little hairs of alpaca
floating on his drink. Getting up
in the night, he yelps as the arch of
his foot connects with a size ten
locknut. Sitting in church, he picks
three-inchhairs of golden mohair
from his navy blazer. Entering the
sewing room, he sails through the air as if on a rollercoaster, rather than an unseen six-inch length of Locline. Who is this brave man? The spouse of a teddy bear artist, of course! Did he know what he was in for when he encouraged Armella to pursue the teddy business. Probably not. He probably didn't know his family
room would become a workshop filled with mohair body parts or his dining room table would become a Bear Store for customers wanting to adopt a
bear or that he'd knock out the back wall of his bedroom to add a
closet large enough to house Armella's mohair addiction. And he
probably didn't know he would be giving up several weekends a year
to act as a grunt, hauling crates of teddies around bear

If you asked this man why he has put up with all this nonsense, he would
probably say, silly question! Armella loves teddy bears! Butsince one can only give friends and family so many teddy bears before
they cease being friendly, Armella needed to find another outlet for her
bears . . . and Bears by Armella was born!

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