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Bear Relations � by Patricia Beyer, Marylen


Although Bear Relations come from many different places in the world and have different cultures, they all consider themselves to be members of a worldwide community of Bears.
They are not political and only dispute in jest, but they are individuals with opinions of their own and all - female as well as male - are equally contrary.
At times this may give rise to rumors, debates, intrigues or even scandals with much argument from every Bear involved. However, all is forgotten and improprieties forgiven when Tea Time is announced.

Although Bears maintain guards and militias, it is only for reasons of pomp and circumstance and the delight of strutting about in uniform.
They are refined, with noble bearings; respectful, honorable and charmed by the differences between them. They are ageless and are dated only by fashion which reflects their special place in time.
Each Bear has a family history, a genealogy chart and its own life story.
Any story that bears resemblance to human history is due to the bearfaced fact that these Bears obviously did it first.

To look at a branch of the family, click on the corresponding branch in the family tree. Use the menus at the bottom of each page to navigate through these pages.

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