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Bear All by Laura Unrau


Hi, my name is Laura Unrau, and as you can probably guess, I love making bears!

Bear making has been part of my life in some form or fashion ever since I can remember, creating my first original pattern (crude but cute) when I was about 9 years old. What I wouldn't do to have that bear now!

I do still enjoy making the occasional larger scale bear, but mini's have captured my heart. I started collecting 1/12th scale minuatures and building the furniture about 10 years ago, and from there, starting on miniature bears was a natural evolution for me.

My family has always had a part in all of it. Making suggestions and giving encouragement. I know, for instance,when I show my 21-year-old daughter, Heather a new bear and she makes the "ohhhhh, it's sooooo cute!" noise, that it has reached Teddy Bear status and when my husband Doug makes the 'hmmmmm' noise when shown a new bear, I know that that particular one needs a bit more work. My son, Drew is a little harder to nail down. At 18 years old, he would like to think he is far too cool to like teddy bears, but we know there is a bear-lover still lurking inside that macho exterior since he always asks to see any new creations and never hesitates to let me know which are his favorites. Besides we all know that you are never too old for bears!(Thanks guys!!)

So far, the majority of my bear 'selling' experience has been with Ebay (Thank-you for suggesting it my friend), which is always exciting and a terrific amount of fun! I've met so many wonderful and amazing people from around the world through the magic of bears and the internet, it never ceases to amaze me.

A bear, irregardless of it's size can be many things. It should, first and formost, make a person smile, and if one of the bears I create does that, then all the many hours of work are well worth the effort. A bear should be able to bring comfort when needed, always lift the spirit, and if they can evoke a giggle or two that's even better.

To me, a bear is almost never 'just a bear'; there's magic in there! Every bear has it built in and it happens somewhere between the first pencil mark and the last stitch in the process of their creation. Magic brings them to life and magic is what gives us that glimpse into our pasts (real or imagined), our dreams and our deepest inner selves. So if you're looking for fancy graphics or cool html tricks, you won't find it on my auction or web pages, I don't have the skills for that. Instead I spend hours on my designs, making sure ther IS magic in there and you'll find honest quality workmanship and innovative designs that come straight from my heart and needle. I take great pride in that creative process that brings my little cubbies from pencil sketch to 'someone to love'.

My bears are often silly (probably because I often am), sometimes sad, once in awhile they're realistic, but always always I strive for that 'magic' quality. I work very hard to keep my patterns fresh, original and unique and so from the drawing of the pattern to the very last careful stitch they are truely part of me..or is that I of them? I love experimenting with fabrics and often get my inspiration from the texure or colour and I also spend quite a bit of time looking at pictures of wild bears as they, afterall, are ancestial relations to the teddy bear. The bears I create are born in a variety of sizes, from a tiny 1" to 22" or larger, the majority of them however, fall into the range of miniatures from 3-5" as that is the size that affords me the best opportunity for detail.

Thank-you for taking the time to read a little about me and what I do and whether you are bidding, adopting, or just looking at one of my little creations, I sincerely hope they will bring a small bit of peace, some magic and plenty laughter into your heart.

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