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Absolutely Bear by Fiona Smith


There are two soft toys that survived my childhood. One is a pillow shaped cat called Pussles (I have no idea why I called him that) and the other is a very bald and saggy bear that was once lovely golden mohair. I wouldn't part with either of them and Ted sits on my bedside table to watch over me when I am asleep. So I suppose I first became interested in bears when I was not very big at all! Having my children added a new spark to my interest as I then had an excuse to scour the shops for that very special bear that would be their ever faithful friend. I later discovered the wonderful world of bear fairs and teddy bear magazines. There was no looking back from there!

I made my first bear in 1993 and since then my designs have developed into big bears that try really hard to be grizzly but are just too soft hearted to pull it off!

Most of my bears prefer to remain 'in the fur' but occasionally modesty prevails and I am required to dust off my knitting needles or provide some trimmings to complement a bear's personality.

All my bears are my own original designs. They are designed specifically for adult collectors and are not suitable for use as children's toys.

I use traditional components such as glass eyes and cotter pin joints and I totally indulge myself by using only the most gorgeous mohair available! The bears are filled with a mixture of polyester fibre and plastic pellets making them nice and cuddly. All bears 16" (51cm) and over are fitted with a growler.

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