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Teddy Bear Artist List

Hisorical represents artists who no longer design bears or their web pages no longer function
Search results alphabetically by company name. Artists who have updated there pages, receive higher priority.

Teddy Bear ArtistWebDescriptionImageHistorical
S.S. Sugar Bears by Sheila SchuchertWDI
Shelly Lampshire OriginalsWDI
Sleepy Hollow Bears by Anja McGowanWDI
Sophie Z'Ours by Sophie GrallWDI
Southway Bears by Sue SouthwayWDI
Stewart Studios by Deborah StewartWDI
Sue Bears by Sue WeilandWDI
Sunnie Bears by Sonya ShawWDI
Svenstrup Originalz by Christina SvenstrupWDI
SVGartistBears by Shayne GreenmanWDI
Swan Valley BearsWDI
Sarah's BruinsWD
Seraphim Bears by Michele SeraphimWD
Sonia Hall Scott BearsW
Susie's Bears by Susie StrongDI
Sandy's Bearly Bruins by Sandra DineenWDI
Sarah Beara Bears by Sarah NeuschelerWDI
Savannah BearWDI
Scratching at the Window creations by Karen WaschiWDI
Scruffie BearsWDI
Seamore Collectibles by Penney AhmedWDI
Seventh Heaven TeddiesWDI
Shea Bruins by Rita Shea-SteedWDI
Sher's Bears by Sherri and Pam WilkieWDI
Siggi-Bears by Sigrid SkomudekWDI
Simple Blessings Bears by Sheryl WellsWDI
Simply Victoria Bruin Beings by Victoria J. DickinWDI
Snufftown Bears by Joan JacobsenWDI
Something's BruinWDI
Starick Bears by Kim McDonaldWDI
Steiner Bears by Heidi SteinerWDI
Stony Lake Bear Co. by Betty DunfordWDI
SuBEARstition Teddies by Laurel RudolphWDI
Sugar Bears and Co. by Katherine MillingarWDI
Sugar Bears by Brioletta YoungWDI
Sugar Shack Surprise by Belinda RoseeWDI
Sycamore BearsWDI
Sewing Stars by Teresa LevyWD
Shazanne Bears by Sharon JonesWD
Sierra Meadows Bears by Gail S. ThomasWD
Starlite Bears by Anne RussellWD
Sankar Bears and Buddies � by Sandra DicklWI
Sersha BearsW
Shantock Bears by Elanor AndrewsW
Shayko ToysW
Some Bears and Other BeastsW
Shirden Teddies
Shells Bear Cottage by Shelley KnodelWX
Short Stuff Bears by Suzanne MorrisWX
Simpler Thymes by Pamela SmallWX
Soo Bears by Suzanne CarrollWX
Stockton Bears by Ruth StocktonWX
Susan's Bear Necessities by Susan Alexander LlaugeWX





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