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Teddy Bear Artist List

Hisorical represents artists who no longer design bears or their web pages no longer function
Search results alphabetically by company name. Artists who have updated there pages, receive higher priority.

Teddy Bear ArtistWebDescriptionImageHistorical
Oksana's Toys Teddy Studio by Oksana SkliarenWDI
Old Time Teddies & Furry FriendsWDI
Ours Tricot├ęsWDI
Out of the Forest Bears by Denise Purrington-EzellWDI
Olsen Designs by Jan and Jean OlsenWDI
One and Only Bears by Michelle LambWDI
One More Bear � by Cindy AnschutzWDI
Only With the Heart Bear Company by Katie EasterwoWDI
Oops! Pardon Me Bears! by Eileen WoodWDI
Orsetti Bears by Dianna ZattraWDI
Otter Folks Originals by Julie and Terry FolksWDI
Out of my HandsWDI
One by OneD
Original Designs by Ann. M. CarloX
One of a Kind BearsWX
Originals by Design by Yolanda LevyWX





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