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Teddy Bear Artist List

Hisorical represents artists who no longer design bears or their web pages no longer function
Search results alphabetically by company name. Artists who have updated there pages, receive higher priority.

Teddy Bear ArtistWebDescriptionImageHistorical
Cakewalk Creations by Diane "Dilu" LundgWDI
Carson Creations by Wanda CarsonWDI
Caya's Cubs by Catherine GabrielWDI
CeesBears by Celia NewboultWDI
Chantal Bears - Original CreationsWDI
Charisma BearsWDI
Cobblestone Creations LlcWDI
Cobweb Cottage by Barbara AllenWDI
Cookie's Critters by Donna NielsenWDI
Cordelia Bears by Lynn CordellWDI
Cowslip BearsWD
Critters Creations by Linda HearnWD
Coco BearsWI
Custom Teddys by Vicki PeresW
C & M Bear HugsWDI
C. Riffenberg Bear Co. by Jane MonroeWDI
Caledonian Bears by Alex and Cass MacDougallWDI
Candi Bears by Candi TaylorWDI
Cardellini Bears by Catherine CardelliniWDI
Charming Bears by Mony VesseurWDI
Chatham Village Bears by Art RogersWDI
Cher's Bears by Cheri OlneyWDI
Cheri's Little Bits and Bears by Cheri SperlWDI
Cherry Bears by Yvonne A. CherryWDI
China Cupboard Bears and Designs by Cindy McGuireWDI
Christine PikeWDI
Christy's Bears by Christy FirmageWDI
Cook's Cubs by Jane S. CookWDI
Cute N Cuddly Bears by Debi MontgomeryWDI
Capital Bears by Shelley Keele and Johanne VachonWD
CatherWoods by Chrissi CatherwoodWD
Changle Bears by Janet ChangfootWD
Creative Stitches by Dina DenningWD
Chevalier MiniaturesWI
C and M BearhugsW
Carebearleigh by Ellen ScusaW
Christine Pike Bears by Christine PikeW
Collector's Bears by Helga TorfsW
Corinium BearsW
Creative Design Studio by Roberta Kasnick RippergeW
Chubby Cubs
Clayton Bears
Claywood Bears
Chucky Bears by Cherylyn TurnerWDIX
Casemere Bears by Rachel RadmanWX
Char's Bears by Charlene ScottWX
Chasha's Teddy Bears and SantasWX
Claywood Bears by Joyce WoodwardWX
CMR Huggables Ltd. by Celia M. RobertsWX
Cornelia Bears by Cornelia de BrabanderWX
Cupboard Bears by Elizabeth LloydWX
Curio Bears by Debbie RobinsonWX





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