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For information about artists bio's and how they were added to the site, please visit our FAQ.

Our initial site, iloveteddies.com was built by us as a general Teddy Bear / Real Bear information web site as a hobby. We are collectors and enjoy the hobby of Teddy Bears a great deal. Teddy-Bears.Org was built as a hobby to serve a more direct purpose, to highlight the creativity and talents of Teddy Bear artists to collectors or potential collectors. Part of this is to build a community and a historical preserve of Teddy Bear Artists and Manufacturers.

The idea came to me when the Teddy Bear Museum of Naples, Florida Closed. I thought it was a shame that so many creations were taken out of the direct view of attendees and that some of those artists may never be heard of again. So from that, I decided to build this site to preserve the memory of past artists, shine light on current artists and educate the public on Teddy Bear Collecting.

Teddy-Bears.Org is a friendly place filled with friendly artists. We encourage you to browse the site and join in on the fun.


We appreciate any comments, concerns or suggestions you might have. Please feel free to email us using our contact page.





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